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What does being “fit” mean to you? Is it abs? A big butt? Muscle definition? My definition of fit is being comfortable and happy in my body, in order to achieve that I treat my body kindly. I feed it when it asks me to, I drink my water & I stay away from milk 🤢 but seriously I have said this sooo many times and I’ll say it so many more times 👉🏽 FIT LOOKS DIFFERENT ON EVERYONE. Since when did a lean physique become the only definition for “fit”?! While it’s great to see new muscles in our body every week or changes every week, it’s not realistic. Everyone’s body is different therefor everyone’s journey will be different. I always tell my girls, don’t focus on the scale and don’t ever compare! We are all different and beautiful and with patience and hard work you can achieve ANYTHING! It’s taken me yeaaars to see progress that some people see in the matter of months. Does it make me lazy? Or does it indicate lack of discipline? No. It’s all about genetics, your body type and your health! Push through your boundaries in everything you do.

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