YOGA BEACH WORKOUT – Stretching On The Sand (Alex Kaufmann)

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I’ve been busting my ass these past few weeks and loving myself every step of the way 👑
I get asked a lot about my diet and if I only do yoga – I always feel weird answering it because I don’t want anyone to feel they need to look like me to be happy. Is it good to have goals? YES. But, make sure your goals are what YOU want and benefit YOUR BODY. Don’t live your life for other people. And keep in mind that not everything works for every body 💜
So the answer?
I don’t really have a set diet – I eat healthy like 80% and indulge like 20% 🐷 for the past week I’ve implemented Intermittent Fasting (16:8) and it has been going well – I’ll keep you updated ☺️
I now workout 6 x week and I still practice yoga every day. I used to play rugby in boarding school and for a bit after. I hate cardio but I do it anyways (HIIT is a life saver) I think the booty is genetics but yoga and working out has def helped in rounding her out.

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